Disrupting Rumination: Changing the Cognition's that Underline Anxiety (1.5 Clinical CE) - Higher Thought Institute
Overactive brain circuitry can trap people in depressive ruminative thinking that can increase risk factors for addiction and relapse. Clients’ thoughts fall into a neurobiological rut, repeating themes of worthlessness/inadequacy leading to depression. In this workshop, we’ll examine why clients lock into depressive thoughts and how to immediately disrupt those ruminative cognitive themes. Utilizing experiential and interactive methods, you will gain effective tools to end rumination and move into recovery from depression.



  1. Improve treatment effectiveness by applying basic understanding of neurological causes of rumination to change rumination in depressed clients
  2. Explore four underlying causes of depression the immediate therapy interventions that disrupt the themes of worthlessness and inadequacy
  3. Energize depressed clients by interrupting cognitions that decrease energy and then apply techniques, such as ‘Start Where You Already Are’ and ‘Get the Train Rolling.”

October 23 @ 13:30
13:30 — 15:00 (1h 30′)

Margaret Wehrenberg, PsyD

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