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March 26 Virtual Event

Treating Addictive Disorders: A Strengths-Based Approach

The COVID 19 pandemic has contributed to an increase in substance abuse of alcohol and opioid overdoses. The curtailment of live AA meetings and other treatment services has exacerbated the challenge. In this workshop, Dr Meichenbaum will provide a  strengths- and evidenced -based  treatment  approach that contributes to “lasting behavioral changes” in addicted  clients. Click on the TITLE to learn more….

Treatment of Prolonged & Complicated Grief and Traumatic Bereavement

The COVID 19 pandemic has caused over 450,000 deaths in the U.S.  In addition, there have been an upsurge of deaths due to increased opioid overdoses, increased rates of suicides, and deaths due to family violence and police misconduct. Each  death has a profound effect on surviving  family members , especially if they could not be with their loved one at the time of their death and if memorial services were disrupted. Click on the TITLE to learn more…

Chronic Pain in Clients with Substance Abuse & the Role of Opioids

In this talk, Dr. Pohl will discuss chronic pain  as a complicated web of emotions and physical symptoms.  The most common way to treat pain is to use opioid medications, which actually complicates the course of chronic pain. To learn more, click on the TITLE….

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