Suicide, Social Media & Substance Use: The Risk for Teens & Young Adults Part 2 - Higher Thought Institute
Session Description

Full attendance of Part 1 and Part 2 are required to earn CE for this course

This course content may satisfy your boards “ethics and Suicide” requirement

This workshop focuses upon the basic legal and ethical issues related to suicide, social media, and
substance use. Participants will review current expert opinion, legal updates and standard of care related to (1) proper use of DSM-5 when diagnosing substance related disorders; (2) updates on relationship between social media and suicide; (3) substance use disorders and the risk of suicide; (5) legal and ethical issues with “safety agreements”; and (4) Non-suicidal self injury (NSSI). Literature updates, along with relevant Codes of Ethics will be included in all areas of discussion.

Learning Objectives

1.       Identify and discuss the connection between social media, suicide and substance use
2.       Identify and discuss the current primary “predictors” of suicidal behavior such as previous attempts, NSSI, and age of client
3. Describe the pros and cons related to using a “safety agreement” with a suicidal client.

September 28 @ 14:45
14:45 — 16:15 (1h 30′)

Pamela Harmell, Ph.D

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