How Therapy Differs for Second Half of Life Clients - Higher Thought Institute
In this session, Dr. Hollis will explore “What is spirituality? How does one define a “mature” spirituality?” How does a therapist support the development of mature spirituality in the client? These questions are seldom addressed in the training of therapists but “spiritual” issues lie at the heart of all neurotic conflicts, and the failure to address them means the unspoken questions migrate to other areas of defense, projection, and repetition.



Learning Objectives:

  1. Differentiate “religious” from “spiritual” crises.
  2. Develop a more evolved, more mature engagement with values in clients.
  3. Find ways of helping clients reframe the role that conflict and suffering play in the course of a healthy life.


May 7 @ 12:45
12:45 — 14:15 (1h 30′)

James Hollis, PhD

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